Adult Basic Education and Schooling

I met a young lady today who would love to go to veterinary school but says she’s not good at math and science. I asked her was she a good student and she said not really and that the schools she went too weren’t good schools and she never really learned anything although she always wanted to learn more.
I told her that it sounded like she just needed to get a tutor to help her re-learn the basic fundamentals and that, with her current drive and passion, she should be able to go to community college and then transfer to a university with a good veterinary school.
I said all of this in that nice lady super encouraging way.
When she left the room though? I was pissed the hell off. The educational system failed so many babies like that one and now they feel stuck with the chips falling as they may.
It made me MAD!
And then?
I got sad.

Did  you go to good schools?  Did you feel you were prepared enough to get to where you wanted to go next?  Did you see people who looked like you succeeding in areas you wanted to succeed in?  Who inspired you and made you keep propelling forward when you felt you were dragging your azz getting things done?

What advice would you give to a young adult who felt as this young lady felt?  Where would you tell her to start?  

Adult Basic Education